We strive for large-scale impact,and enable the underprivileged to
benefit from digitalization by breaking the boundary of time and space
What Is Digitalization?
Digitalization is a drastic change in the history of mankind brought about by the information revolution, leading people to go beyond the age of industrialization, towards a time when ...
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Why Do We Embrace Digitalization?
For more than a decade, we have sought ways of solving social problems on a scalable level. After establishing five social enterprises in four sectors, it became clear that digitalization would ...
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Online Education Platforms
We hope to enable more low-income population to have access to education and job opportunities at a lower cost:
(1) Vocational Training for Rural Women: Reach a larger low-income ...
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Digital Management Platform
Since 2016, we started to find ways to digitalize the process, try to use certain techniques to re-establish trust between consumers and farmers. Therefore, we built “Trustable Farms”, an ...
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