Our Team

Here is a group of intelligent, creative and fearless people who care about social problems
Liya LI Deputy Secretary-General
Jingjing WANG Assistant Secretary-General
Jin ZHONG Assistant Secretary General of Lejian workshop
Chao ZHANG Executive Director of Microfinance
MinKo Director of B-Corp
Yu GAO the Researcher in Knowledge Center
Yuting LU B Corps China Advocacy Team Manager of Marketing Communication Division
Hongyu WANG Hiring Manager
Qi QIN Executive Director of Eco-Trust Agriculture Division
Yao TANG Manager of External Development Division
Li MIN The Director of Pre-school Education Division
Zhaowei GAO IT Supervisor
Sen YAO The Supervisor of Solutions Journalism in Lejian Workshop
Jing LI Human Resources Supervisor
Yumin LUAN Administration Manager
Melody Events & Partnership Development
Yu FANG Senior Program Officer of the Secretariat
Xintong Liu Editor and Publishing Coordinator of SSIR Chinese Edition
Lin YUAN The Funding Officer of Pre-school Education Division
Zhujun DENG The Editor in Lejian workshop
Weiwei ZHANG The Editor of Solutions Journalism in lejian Workshop