Our Team

Dongshu(Jaff) Shen Co-founder and CEO of Leping Foundation
Publisher & Editor in Chief of Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) China
Ling (Colleen) Cheng Director of Leping Foundation, strategic consultant
Former Managing Director of Public Relations at Ogilvy & Mather Beijing
Liya Li Secretary General of Leping Foundation
Ko Minhan (Min Ko) Co-director of B-Corp China
Honglv (Vic) Liu Co-director of B-Corp China
Director of Tsinghua Business Accelerator & Head of Shenzhen
Co-sponsor of Beijing Yixing Public Welfare Foundation
Li Mi Director of early Childhood Education division of Leping Foundation
Qin Qi (Qi) Executive Director of Agricultural Business Division of Leping Foundation
Executive General Manager of Beijing Fuping Chuangyuan Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. LTD
Project Leader of “Trusted Farm”
Chao Zhang Assistant Secretary General of Leping Foundation
Executive Director of Leping Investment Management Department
General Manager of Yongji Fuping Microcredit Co., LTD
General Manager of Chengdu Dayi County Fuping Microcredit Co., LTD.
Juan Wei Executive Principal of Beijing Fuping School
JingJing Wang Deputy Secretary General of Leping Foundation
Leader of SVP (Social Innovation Partnership) Project
Hang Li Assistant Secretary general of Leping Foundation
Head of Communication
Strategic Planning and Cooperation Department
Melody Liu Project Manager, Business Development Department
Sen Yao CEO Academic Assistant
Project Manager, Social innovation knowledge production