Go beyond the 9 to 5, and enrich your life by exploring new possibilities


Perhaps you are an experienced investor, regularly calculating your growing ROI, expecting to leverage every RMB you invest.

Perhaps you are a professional manager whose forté is to improve the capacity of organizational operation under strategic management.

Or perhaps you are a successful entrepreneur running several businesses simultaneously as an serial entrepreneur.

Has there been a time when you ask yourself,“Is there something beyond my job? Are there other ways for me to improve the lives of the great majority?”

Convert your time into social impact:Go beyond the 9 to 5, and enrich your life by exploring new possibilities With new tools of social investment and new solutions towards social innovation,we enable you to help more people to prosper with you professionalism, which will open a new page in your life.

ust as you do, we believe:Hard and steady work can make dream come true and social problems are to be solved step by step.

We hope to be the accelerator for your social impact,by exploring with you a brand-new life beyond the normal working hours, to enforce your impact on more people.

What defines us is not what we used to possess, but what we do to empower others.

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