We’re looking for someone as unique as you:
Let’s amplify your social impact, and expand your career potential

We want you if you're:

Bursting with curiosity and braveness

Eager to start from scratch and create something new

Enthusiastic about social innovation and social investment

Excited to try new ways of solving social problems

from the bottom of your heart

Together with you, we believe:

Hard and steady work makes dream come true.

Curiosity inspires creation,

while fun and optimism fuel success.

Problem solvers deserve the highest level of honor. 

Join Us:

We’ll help you amplify your social impact.

We’ll explore your potential towards a: 

Venture Philanthropist

Social Entrepreneur

Crossover Researcher

Professional Foundation Manager

Creative Communicator and Fundraiser.

Or we’ll customize a brand-new profession specialty with you, and for you.<p><br></p>

Operation Positions

Location: Beijing

Eco-trust Agriculture

Markting Manager
Location: Beijing

B Corp Program

Marketing & Communication Manager
Location: Shanghai
Project Manager
Location: Shanghai
Administrative Assistant
Location: Shanghai

How to Apply

Please email us your cover letter and bilingual resume to and

Please remember to fill out the subject line as: “Leping + Position + Name + How you hear from us”. 

We will contact you within 30 days upon receiving your email. If you haven’t heard from us in 30 days, please consider other opportunities.