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Solving A Crisis of Chinese Preschool Education - The Virtuous Circle
Even as a child, Dong Zhaoxia worked well with children. She was patient and nurturing, a born teacher. It surprised no one that she majored in education at university. Instead, the surprise came shortly after graduation when she left her job in a primary
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Tiantian: The Youngest Volunteer
The little girl in the blue dress reads aloud from a storybook, the younger children crowding around her. She is perhaps eight years old, and her short braids bob playfully as she reads with such intensity that her audience is left spellbound. The little
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Avoiding the Fishbone: Improving Pre-School Education in Rural China
When I was a child, my family ate fish from the nearby Yangtze River. Very often, I would end up with a fishbone lodged in my throat. No one else seemed to have this problem, and it made me wonder what I was doing wrong. My mother called me her little glu
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