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A Virgo Farmer
Lin Chen was born in 1976 in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. The culinary habits—eating rice rather than noodles, spicy skewers rather than paomo (a kind of bread similar to pita)—and lifestyle of Hanzhong people are closer to that of Sichuan than Shaanx
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From an innocent student to a strong Farmer
As an undergraduate student who has studied agricultural and forestry economic management for four years, I had an idea of practicing as early as in school. I try to write business plans and project feasibility studies, but I realized that I am not Ma
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A monologue of post-90s farmer boy on Agriculture
My name is Yuan Zhijun, a farmer boy who was born in 1994. I studied vegetable cultivation and management in the College of Eco-trust Agriculture.
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He Put Down the Microphone to Pick Up Wheat
I hurry off the bus that brought me from Beijing to Toubaihu Village in Hebei Province. The purpose of my journey is to discuss agriculture with Pengfei Cheng, who’s already been waiting in the station for an hour.
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