Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Cradle of Cutting-edge Ideas in Global Social Innovation
What Is SSIR: Connecting Social Innovators
The SSIR (SSIR) is a “shared intellectual space” that presents ideas, information and research for the advancement of social change. By ...
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Promote Knowledge Sharing in Social Innovation
We will work closely with PACS (Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society). By introducing cutting-edge ideas of social innovation through SSIR Chinese Edition to establish a ...
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SSIR Chinese Edition
To accelerate the construction of Chinese social innovation market, we are dedicated to bring in the most innovative ideas into China. The collaboration between Leping and PACS provides the pathway to present high-quality ...
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The Best of SSIR
To better promote knowledge dissemination and cultivate the growth of various segments in Chinese social innovation field, we will select and categorize the best articles of SSIR published in past ten years, and publish a collection of “The Best of SSIR”.
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SSIR East Asia Supplement
SSIR East Asia Supplement focuses on the social innovation and transition happening in east Asia, taking account of the unique historical past, cultural background, and political and economic systems of different countries and ...
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