The Pain of Society Is the Starting Point of Public Welfare and Change--the Celebration and Opening Speech of Happy Island in 99 Public Welfare Day

The Pain of Society Is the Starting Point of Public Welfare and Change--the Celebration and Opening Speech of Happy Island in 99 Public Welfare Day

The Pain of Society Is the Starting Point of Public Welfare and Change--the Celebration and Opening Speech of Happy Island in 99 Public Welfare Day

Release Date:2018-09-09 23:13:41

Today, people working on social welfare across the country celebrate their own holiday, 99Public Welfare Day. It may be the first national festival in Chinese history initiated by a group of non-governmental people and organizations and generally responded to.

It's not a top-down plan, it's not a gift or grant, it's a social initiative. Regardless of the environment, the growth of society can not be stopped. The set of the Public Welfare Day is a testimony to this.

More creative and refreshing is the fact that 99 Public Welfare Day is not a self-praise day for the public good. The theme is not praise, but focus on advocacy, especially action. Since it was set in 2015, 99 Public Welfare Day has launched many public service programs successfully. From now, public welfare has a great progress, which is a magnificent historical record of the public service in china. 


99 public welfare day is worth praising. There is still room for further progress.


We need to have more accurate understanding for welfare.

It is 99 National Responsibility Day rather than 99 Public Welfare Day. The public welfare here should not only be a good thing in the ordinary sense, but a duty to fulfill, that is, to fulfill national responsibility. The so-called public welfare, from a micro view, is the individual practice of national responsibility, belonging to individual self-help; from a macro view, it is the common responsibility of the people on the basis of free association, belonging to the social self-help.


Responsibility and self-help, these should be the two major keywords of the current Chinese public welfare and the keyword of 99 public welfare day.


In fact, this is also the original intention of the founders of 99Public Welfare Day. "The pain of society is the starting point of public welfare" , says Chen Yi-tan, one of the founders of 99 Public Welfare Day. Chen's words have clearly conveyed this original intention, among which responsibility and self-help reside.


Not to listen to bias, not to be cynical, not to complain, not to wait passively, but to act from yourself, from now on, in the way that suits you best, to act positively. With the strength of the most ordinary people, we should spread good and do good.


This is the highest theme of the current Chinese public welfare, but also the highest theme of national responsibility and social self-help.

It must be admitted that China is not an ordinary country, but a super country. Its size is unmatched. Its social problems are also unparalleled. No one and no single group can solve all social problems once and all.


It is doomed to save ourselves and to fulfill our national responsibility. That is to say, we must practice it. We can't just expose problems. What we lack is solution, action and doer.


Compared with the strong social demand, the supply of solutions, action, social experimentation and social innovation are really too few. But it is undeniable that some people have been trying and trying. Compared with the lack of solution, action and practice, the most deficient is discovery, that is, how to find the experimenters. How to find their success and failure, their experience and lessons, their pain and happiness, their contribution and value in our daily life.

This is the background of “Happy Island”. We officially changed the public name of Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation to "Happy Island" on September 9, 2018.


Starting from today, the public name of the Leping Public Welfare Foundation will be renamed "Le Jian Dao". Correspondingly, its positioning has changed from the general trend of reporting institutions in the past to the "difficulty-relief report", that is, in accordance with professional standards, around social problems coping measures, solutions, organization of rigorous and convincing news reports. All innovative attempts and efforts based on social pain points, public concerns, solution-oriented and result-oriented fall within our coverage. 

The so-called "happy to see" here means that we are happy to see solutions, actions and results, and we are happy to see all innovative thinking and efforts around social problems. We are glad to solve these problems. How can a big country with 1.4 billion people lack talents, wisdom and solutions? However, for various reasons, they have to be on the edge of society. China's hope is on the edge, and China's way out is on the edge. We should dig out the talents, wisdom, ideas and methods of solving from the edge of society, and let them converge into the mainstream. This is our mission.

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