Venture Philanthropy: Amplify Your Social Impact

Huge underprivileged population, complex situation of the education for the left-behind children, these are just the tip of the iceberg of existing social problems. Conventional philanthropy’s end-to-end, donation-based approach fails to provide large-sca

Venture Philanthropy: Amplify Your Social Impact

Date:  2016-01-07 22:55:32

Huge underprivileged population, complex situation of the education for the left-behind children, these are just the tip of the iceberg of existing social problems. Conventional philanthropy’s end-to-end, donation-based approach fails to provide large-scale and systematic solution to complex social problems, which often renders individual contributions trivial and insignificant. How can we mobilize cross-sector social resources to solve social problems in a systematic manner? Venture philanthropy might be the answer.


If you are wondering –

  • How does venture philanthropy work?
  • How does collective impact solve social problems systematically?
  • How do business people apply their specialized knowledge in other sectors to maximize their social impact?


We invite you to –

Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation


Guanghua -Yintai Social Enterprise Management Research Center

Jointly Presents


Leping Thought-Sharing Series:

Venture Philanthropy: Amplify Your Social Impact

Room 111, Guanghua Building 1, Beijing University

14:00-16:00 pm, Jan, 13th, 2016


14:00 – 14:05 Opening and Guest Introduction

14:05 – 14:35 Speech by Lance Fors

14:35 -15:00 Q&A

15:00 – 15:50 Roundtable Talk


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About Speakers


Lance Fors

The former Board Chair of SVP International

the board chair/director of 5 social enterprises


He was the Founder and CEO of Third Wave Technologies, after selling the company at $ 600 millions, Lance has focused fully on social change and entrepreneurship.

He works to empower our best social entrepreneurs by acting as a thought partner and mentor.  Working with several dozen organizations per year, Lance finds the inflection point for organizational change and works to enhance their funding, talent and program models to transform their impact. Lance has been the long-term board chair of New Teacher Center, Reading Partners and is a former chair of SV2- Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, a strategic partner in the SVP Network. He helped New Teacher Center and Reading Partners achieve up to 75 percent compound annual growth and become leaders in their fields.

Lance Fors is the former Board Chair of Social Venture Partners International, and the Founder and CEO of a provider of housing for individuals with disabilities.



Professor, China University of Political Science and Law

Eminent Scholar on East European Affairs


Madam Jin Yan, professor of Humanities School, China University of Political Science and Law, PhD supervisor. She is a leading scholar on China-Soviet-Russia, East European affairs. Former dean of Eastern European Department, World Socialism Research Center and professor and executive dean of Russia Research Center, Central Compilation & Translation Bureau. Currently, she is the secretary of China Soviet & East Europe Research Society and guest researcher, European & Asian Society Development Research Center, Development Research Center of the State Council of PRC.

Her study is from standpoint of her thought on Chinese issues. Her unique insight on the October Revolution, Reforms in Russia and East European countries made her a senior scholar in this field.


ZHU Tianyu

General Partner, BlueRun Ventures

Advisor, Growing Home


Mr. ZHU Tianyu joined the Beijing Office of BlueRun Ventures in 2009. Over 15 years venture investment, business development and management consulting experience. His focuses include Internet, mobile Internet, new media, e-commerce, directed the first-round of investment to Meilishuo, Changba and so on.

Previously, Zhu Tianyu was the senior investment manager in Chinese search engine Baidu, where he completed a series of strategic investment in the Internet realm. He also worked as a BD manager in NetEase, in charge of strategic collaboration, M&A and new business incubation.


XU Jing

Associate professor, Marketing at Guanghua School of Management

Director, Guanghua -Yintai Social Enterprise Management Research Center


Professor XU Jing is associate professor of Marketing at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. She is also the Vice Director of Behavioral Science Lab at Guanghua School of Management and the professional editor-in-chief of Journal of Marketing Science.

Professor Xu's research involves using psychological theories to understand how consumers form judgment and the process by which they make product choices. In particular, she is interested in studying how environmental cues or factors influence the consumers' tendency to seek uniqueness in product choices. Professor Xu also studies how different processing styles influence consumer choice in large assortments. Her research has appeared in world-class journals such as Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Marketing Research, Acta Psychologica Sinica, etc.


About the Host


SHEN Dongshu(Jaff)

CEO, Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation

Executive Chairman, SVP China


Mr. SHEN Dongshu(Jaff) is the co-founder and CEO of Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation. Leping is dedicated to benefit and create equal opportunities for the underprivileged population in China, by investing social enterprises based on knowledge innovation, leaders and supporters on social innovation, as well as leading China’s social investment industry.

Mr. SHEN has rich cross-sector and cross-industry working experience in big SOEs, investment management companies, consultancies and non-profit organizations, which made him ideal to work in cross-sector social innovation practices. Mr. SHEN manages two social innovation supporting organizations—Beijing Fuping Vocational Training School and Fuping Social investment Co., Ltd. Both institutions attempt to promote the development of benchmark companies in social entrepreneur field and cultivate innovative talents, thereby improve the welfare of the impoverished people on a large scale. 

Mr. SHEN is also the director of Beijing Thousand Trees Education Consulting Co.,Ltd. It provides quality education to children from middle and low income families by pooling social resources and social innovation, thereby promote equality in education. Mr, SHEN is also the founder and executive chairman of SVP China.